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Find The Best Senior Housing Community For Yourself or a Family Member

Change can be daunting—especially when you’re faced with choosing the best senior housing options for yourself or a family member. But moving to a retirement community can be an exciting and positive change too. The right senior housing choice will provide you or your loved one with beautiful surroundings, a community of peers, and activities of daily living that make life comfortable and enjoyable.

Check out our free resource for locating housing for senior citizens in your area—and find a retirement community to look forward to. Today’s seniors can expect a wide variety of affordable senior housing options, from assisted living to advanced care—and they’re getting it. Improved laws and regulations mean senior housing staff is better trained, and seniors have a lot more options and amenities than they did just a few years ago.

Make the Best Senior Housing Choice

Our mission at HousingForSeniors is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. We offer in-depth advice on a wide range of retirement communities throughout the United States and Canada, including:

Independent Living Communities

Independent Living Communities often resemble a typical apartment building or subdivision—but there’s usually a minimum age limit. They provide the maximum amount of independence possible for elderly residents, with individual housing units and basic home services including housekeeping, laundry, and yard work. Most independent living facilities don’t offer personal care or skilled nursing services.

Assisted Living Communities

With an Assisted Living Community, you’ll get a slightly higher level of personal care—with services including meal preparation, dressing, and bathing, and help with medications. These communities may resemble independent living communities, with separate homes, condos, or apartments within a compound or complex.

Continuing Care Facilities

These senior living communities offer a wide range of services, allowing seniors to stay in place as their needs change. They offer independent living services, assisted living for those who need slightly more assistance, and skilled nursing care for those with more serious health issues.

Memory Care Facilities

Memory Care - Senior Housing

Some senior living communities offer a special focus on health care for seniors with memory impairments, including Alzheimer’s care. These communities often offer specialized housing options and staff with advanced training in providing medical, social, and psychological care for older adult residents with Alzheimer’s.

Home Care Options

Home Care is a popular option for older people who prefer to stay at home, as opposed to living in a senior community. There are plenty of skilled nursing and elder care providers nationwide. Services offered range from light housework and companionship to skilled in-home care from licensed medical staff.

Find Senior Housing Near You

After determining the level of senior care you or your loved one will need, location is the most important factor you’ll need to address. Being close to family and friends is very important to seniors and their families. Be sure to choose a location that is safe and offers plenty to do.

Here at HousingForSeniors.com, you can search for senior living options nationwide—or right in your neighborhood. You can also check out our library of senior housing articles or bring your questions to our experts. The perfect retirement community is out there. Let us help you find it.

Consider These Things as You Research Senior Housing Options

  • Are you planning to rent or own?
  • Are you looking for affordable housing? There are programs available to assist low-income and median income seniors.
  • Do you need a two-bedroom apartment or is a one-bedroom senior apartment sufficient?
  • How soon do you need to move? Be aware that some communities have a wait list.
  • Have you looked into a government or HUD senior housing program?
  • Is it important to be located near a hospital?
  • What activities are important to you? You’ll want to make sure they are available either on-site or nearby.
  • Does the facility you’re considering offer safe housing with security on-site?
  • What food options are important to you? Do you have to eat a special diet?