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Finding Affordable Properties With Value

Finding Affordable Properties With Value

When buying affordable property, you want to prioritize the things that will matter in the long run. How well specific attributes hold up over time will determine the value of the property you’re considering.

Shelter should be built to last, so investing in anything less than a durable, reliable property like those represented by san pedro real estate will ultimately prove to be a waste of money.

With the understanding that prioritizing value is the way to go, here are some considerations to look out for as your search.

Look For Solid Construction

Steel beams, stonework, and concrete block construction are stronger than traditional lumber. If you want to go with lumber, choose options that are highly weather and pest-resistant.  

You can also go with masonry and steel or combinations like Hardie siding and steel stud construction.

The following blends provide weather and pest-resistant foundation:  

  • Cedar and redwood are naturally resistant to pests and water damage.
  •  Pressure-treated woods like those made with pine and Douglas fir are resistant to pests like termites.

If you need help narrowing down weather and pest-resistant homes, contact san pedro real estate to find local options.

Consider The Flooring

You’ll also want to consider the flooring. Always go for hardwoods or vinyl plank before carpeting. Vinyl plank is waterproof and very scratch and crack resistant.

If you plan to rip up old carpeting, check to see the state of the floors underneath. Flooring is costly, so you might want to consider other options if they need to be redone.

To make the hunt easier, ask san pedro real estate to provide a selection of homes with the kind of flooring you’re looking for from the start.

Significant Interior Wall Changes

The interior walls are something to focus on as well. Unless you’re happy with outdated textures like orange peel, you’ll likely end up spending more to redo most of the walls. This is another costly project that you might not want to pay for.

If you plan to sell your home down the road, look for features that add value so you can formulate a greater asking price. Some features to consider include:

  • A large backyard,
  • a location right off a cul-de-sac
  • being close to nearby attractions or shopping centers

If you remember to think long-term and make sure that the house offers enticing features to future buyers, you’re on your way to finding an affordable property with value.