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What Is The Difference Between A Nursing Home And Assisted Living?

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There will come a time in just about everybody’s life when their age catches up and it becomes difficult to take care of oneself.

When that time approaches there are a number of different options for care for senior citizens. And each of these options is best suited to particular circumstances and even your lifestyle. Knowing which one is best will depend on how much care you need.

Which is why it pays to understand the difference in terms between these options. A retirement home like Thrive Senior Living is much different than a nursing home and a nursing home is different than an assisted living facility.

Let’s go over some of the differences that you should know about so you understand which one deserves your attention.

Assisted living facility

This type is designed for those that are still capable of getting around and have some level of independence. Many senior citizens just need a little help with things like preparing meals and keeping the house tidy. When they can’t do it on their own, but still are active, then this type of facility is usually the best bet.

There are nurses on staff that will assist with medication and helping with preventative care. In addition, there is 24 hour emergency care in most of these communities.

And it is a true community. There are many activities organized for the residents. You can find Bingo nights, yoga lessons and movie nights at these types of homes.

If you don’t need a nurse to physically take care of you or your loved one, then an assisted living facility is something you should be looking into.

Nursing home

A nursing home is designed for people that need round the clock care. They are staffed by professional nurses who will take care of medical needs for the residents. There is also a physician on staff who works hand in hand with the administrator to oversee the care each resident needs.

These are people that cannot take care of themselves in many ways. It is akin to living in a hospital but the room is more like an apartment than an actual hospital. If your loved one can’t be responsible for taking their medication themselves or needs therapy on a daily basis then this is the best option. 

When an elderly person has a myriad of health problems that makes their life complicated and impossible to live on their own then this is usually where somebody opts to go.

Retirement community

When you are retired and are totally independent then a retirement community is probably best. They are designed as a small village for retired people who are able to live totally on their own. 

Usually, they center around a community center where there are events, classes and things like yoga or conferences. 

In addition, there is usually a small medical center within the community to handle any medical emergencies for the residents. This is an option only for those who need no care but wish to be in a community of their peers with access to quick medical services.