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The westernmost of Canada’s territories, Yukon is mostly Arctic and subarctic—with long, severe winters and short summers. It’s a major destination for mountaineering; Mount Logan, in Kluane National Park and Reserve, is Canada’s highest mountain and the second-highest in North America. Its stunning natural beauty makes Yukon a major destination for adventurous tourists. Yukon is thinly populated, especially in the northern areas, leaving its natural environment almost pristine. Active retirees can hire a guide and take an unforgettable fishing, camping, or hunting expedition into the wilderness. Outdoor activities in the Yukon range from boating and kayaking to cross-country skiing in the backcountry, ice climbing, mountaineering, and dog sledding.

Yukon Senior Living

But there’s more to Yukon than the outdoors. Enjoy cultural events in the province’s major metropolitan areas, attend one of its many artistic and musical festivals, learn about Yukon’s First Nations and rich history, and more. Check out our comprehensive listings of Yukon retirement communities today—and find the perfect place for you.