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One of Canada’s prairie provinces, Saskatchewan is characterized by its sunshine—it receives more hours of sun than any other Canadian province. Weather in Saskatchewan is characterized by surprisingly hot summers in some areas, although winters can be severe and the northern parts of the province are subarctic.

Saskatchewan’s natural features include endless rolling plains, the great boreal forests to the north, and the Lake Athabasca Sand Dunes—the largest active dunes in the world north of 58°. Retirement in Saskatchewan features plenty to do—including museums, art galleries, professional sports, theatre and events in the larger metropolitan areas, and dinosaur digs, hiking and camping, outdoor activities, aboriginal cultural and heritage sites, and more throughout the province.

Saskatchewan retirement communities often center around the province’s two major cities, Regina and Saskatoon—with a few located in smaller, more rural communities throughout the province. Check out our free listing of senior retirement communities in Saskatchewan—and find your perfect retirement town today.

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