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With its endless natural beauty combining dramatic mountains and stunning coastline, Oregon offers a gorgeous setting for senior communities—as well as some extremely dynamic and interesting metropolitan areas full of art, culture, and recreation. You’ll find plenty of variety in Oregon—from the Pacific coastline to the Columbia River, the Cascade Mountain Range, and the mighty Mt. Hood.

The climate in Oregon is fairly mild, with cool summers and winters. It’s a great place to garden—pretty much anything grows in Oregon. However, the state is known for its rain—if you’re looking for sunshine, you might want to check out the central and eastern parts of the state—less picturesque, but more dry. 

Housing prices in Oregon are still cheaper than what you’ll find in California. But they’re rising, so get there fast. Income taxes are quite high in Oregon, with a top marginal rate of 11%–but there’s no sales tax. The state does not tax Social Security and some military pension income, and property taxes are only 30th out of 50 states. Residents over age 62 are eligible for some property tax relief programs.

If you’re interested in Oregon assisted living, there are several communities worth a second look. These include:


Known as the “City of Roses,” senior living in Portland offers a wealth of parks and green space—including the picturesque Japanese and Chinese gardens as well as the stunning Portland Rose Garden. In Portland, you’ll find plenty of shopping, including farmer’s markets offering local crafts, cuisine, and produce. There’s plenty of excellent cuisine in Portland, including a thriving microbrew culture. It’s a walking city, with short blocks lined with beautiful fountains and architecture and a modern transit system—perfect for seniors who prefer not to drive. And if you love the outdoors, Portland’s surrounding area and proximity to Mt. Hood offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, and more.


The city’s nickname says it all—“World’s Greatest City of the Arts and Outdoors.” Home to the University of Oregon, Eugene is located in the Willamette Valley. It’s a charming college town with plenty of cultural attractions and events—but it hasn’t lost its small town ambience. In addition, Eugene is ideal for active seniors who love the outdoors—with plenty of places to hike, bike, golf, and enjoy the Cascade Mountains, the MacKenzie River Valley, and the stunning Oregon coastline. The town is bordered on three sides with thick forests of Douglas Fir, the source of the city’s older reputation as a logging town.


This city was ranked second in the States as a destination for healthy active retirees by Modern Maturity Magazine. Set in beautiful countryside, Ashland is a small college town located at the southern end of the Rogue Valley at the foot of Mt. Ashland. If you love the outdoors, you’ll find hiking, skiing, and camping activities here in plenty. In addition, Ashland is a mecca for Shakespeare lovers, offering a yearly Shakespeare festival and plenty of professional theatres.


Oregon’s second largest city, Salem is also the capitol—and it’s set in the center of the Willamette River Valley. It’s a thriving agricultural town that brings over 300 local vendors together on Salem Saturday Market day, offering organic produce, baked breads, fresh-cut flowers, and other local cuisine and produce. There are also plenty of smaller farmers’ markets throughout the city on different weekdays—and there’s sure to be one in your neighborhood.

Oregon senior communities offer stunning natural beauty, culture and entertainment, and more—everything active and vital retirees could ask for. To find out more information about Oregon independent living communities, check out our free listings—and get started finding your senior living paradise in Oregon.