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If you’re looking for a retirement tax haven, New Hampshire may be the perfect place. Known as the Granite State, its motto is “Live Free or Die”—and it expresses that freedom with a complete absence of income taxes, for retirees and everyone else. In addition, New Hampshire has many picturesque rural communities, the dramatic White Mountains, plenty of fantastic skiing and outdoor activities, and proximity to Boston in the south.

New Hampshire isn’t known for its mild weather. Mt. Washington, the tallest mountain in the Northeast, has logged some of the most severe winters in the world. The rest of the state isn’t that bad—but you still get cold winters with plenty of snow. Summers tend to be mild, with temperatures mostly in the 80’s and the occasional 90-degree day.

The residents of New Hampshire tend to celebrate snowfall. There are plenty of outdoor activities that take full advantage of the snow—including downhill and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. New Hampshire is home to several excellent ski resorts, including Mount Sunapee.

Taxes in New Hampshire are low—there is no income or sales tax.  However, property taxes are the third highest in the nation, although the total tax burden in New Hampshire is still lower than what you’d find in a typical Boston suburb. Housing prices are quite a bit higher than the national average, although the overall cost of living is only 89% of the national average. Dividends and interests are taxed at 5%.

Despite its militant motto, New Hampshire is a peaceful state. Its violent and property crime levels rank 48th in the nation—making it one of the country’s safest places to live. If you live in New Hampshire, you won’t feel unsafe living alone—or going out at night.

If you’re passionate about politics, New Hampshire is also an excellent place to retire. The state’s unique role in national elections allows volunteers to make a real difference campaigning for candidates on a local level—with the possibility of making a nationwide impact.

There are plenty of excellent spots for retirement in New Hampshire. A few suggestions include:


Located along the Merrimack River, Concord is the state capitol—and its downtown features the breathtaking, gold-domed Statehouse set among striking Victorian-era buildings. There are dozens of walking paths in the capitol area, as well as miles of hiking trails within close proximity. For active seniors, there’s plenty of hiking, skiing, and water sports with several lakes close by, including the beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee.


The largest city in the tri-state area of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, Manchester is bisected by the Merrimack River. It offers plenty of cultural attractions, including the Currier Museum of Art and New Hampshire Institute of Art; the Palace Theatre; and several historic and cultural museums. The city hosts minor-league hockey and arena football matches as well as concerts, fairs, and national touring theatrical productions.


Picturesque Dover is the oldest permanent settlement in the state of New Hampshire, and the 7th oldest nationwide. Its downtown area features many historic buildings including churches and meetinghouses from that historical period. The town is located on the Cochecho River, bisected by the dramatic Cochecho Falls.


Exeter is home to the Phillips Exeter Academy, and offers plenty of historical attractions including the American Independence Museum, the Exeter Historical Society and Museum, the Gilman Garrison House, and several historic churches and homes from the 1600’s to the 1800’s.

There’s no doubt that assisted living in New Hampshire has plenty to offer—including dramatic scenery, outdoor activities, cultural events, and more. Assisted living in New Hampshire is located in close-knit rural communities nestled among rolling green hills—with the stunning White Mountains as a backdrop. Search our database of New Hampshire senior housing options—and find your perfect New Hampshire retirement option today.