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New Brunswick is Canada’s only constitutionally bilingual province, speaking both English and French—and it has a large Francophone minority that constitutes about a third of the population. The largest cities in the province—Saint John, Moncton, and Fredericton—offer service-based economies that rely on the health care, education, retail, finance, and insurance industries. More rural communities tend to depend on forestry, mining, fishing and agriculture.

There are five jaw-dropping scenic drives in New Brunswick offering stunning vistas of the Bay of Fundy as well as mountain and forested scenes. Saint John is a major attraction for cruise ships, offering numerous museums, art galleries, historical sites, and more.

Retirement in New Brunswick features beautiful outdoor areas with plenty of opportunities for hiking and ocean-based water sports; as well as the culture and vitality of the province’s larger cities. Check out our free listings of New Brunswick retirement communities—and find your ideal retirement spot today.

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