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In Maryland, you’re always near the water. Located next to the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland is an ocean state with ample opportunities for boating, sailing, fishing, relaxing by the beach—and eating delicious seafood. It’s easy to find Maryland senior housing near big cities, such as Baltimore or Washington DC, without losing that relaxed, small-town atmosphere.

Living in Maryland isn’t cheap—perhaps because it’s so desirable to live there. Maryland is one of the country’s wealthiest states, and many areas serve as bedroom communities for those who work in Washington DC. Median home prices, especially in areas near to the capitol, are much higher than the national average. However, smaller towns farther away from metropolitan centers tend to be much cheaper—sometimes close to the national average.

Total tax rates in Baltimore are 4th highest in the country. Top marginal income tax rates come in at about 6.25%, with a 6% state sales tax. Property taxes, however, are similar to the national average, and Maryland doesn’t tax Social Security benefits—although it does tax inheritance and estates.

If you’re interested in senior living in Maryland, here are a few communities that may provide what you’re looking for.


Baltimore senior living isn’t cheap—home prices are quite high. But Baltimore has a lot to offer as a major metropolitan area and suburb of Washington, DC. You’ll find plenty of fine dining offering some of the nation’s freshest seafood, as well as the Baltimore Aquarium, excellent shopping, and a wide range of cultural entertainment.


AOL’s Money and Finance chose Cambridge as Number 7 of the nation’s top retirement areas. Located along the Chesapeake Bay, Cambridge offers a wide range of recreational activities around the water—as well as a large expanse of beautiful beaches.  Housing in Cambridge is more affordable than in much of the rest of the state. It’s a small town with only about 11,000 residents—more than 40% of whom are age 45 or older.


The capitol of Maryland, Annapolis has only about 40,000 residents—giving it a distinctively small-town feel. It’s an upscale town, however, with median home prices at about $500,000—so it’s not for every budget. Annapolis is close to the culture and entertainment of Baltimore and Washington, DC. The town offers an excellent public transportation system—ideal for seniors who don’t drive. And it’s a beautiful community, reminiscent of a New England seaside town. There’s plenty to do in Annapolis—from 135 public golf courses to 45 universities within a 30-mile radius.


Two hours south of Baltimore, Leonardtown is a tiny community of only about 2,000. It’s not close to major cities, but that suits some retirees just fine. It offers a distinctive seaside village charm, with a historic downtown area full of colonial-style buildings and homes. Housing in Leonardtown is affordable compared to much of the rest of the state, and there’s plenty to do for seniors who like the outdoors—including a 3-mile canoe trail and a public park and wharf that doubles as a winery.

Maryland senior housing isn’t for everyone’s budget. But the beautiful seaside charm of its small towns and the excitement and entertainment of its cities attract many seniors every year—looking for the perfect place for retirement. With its warm, humid summers, Maryland is the perfect place for those who love to enjoy the outdoors. Maryland senior living caters to all needs, from assisted living facilities that provide a high degree of independence to senior living communities that provide more advanced medical care. Check out our listings of Maryland senior living communities—and explore all the options available to you in this beautiful seaside state.