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If you move to Manitoba, chances are you’ll live in Winnipeg—that’s where 80% of the population settles. There’s plenty in Winnipeg to attract visitors and retirees—including four of Manitoba’s five universities, cultural activities, and professional sports teams. You can hear traditional Métis music; catch a show at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet or the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra; or visit Le Cercle Moliere, Canada’s oldest French-language theatre company. But there’s plenty to enjoy in the province outside of the city—including over 100,000 lakes.

The weather in Manitoba is fairly extreme, with severe winters and warm summers. Some southern areas of the province experience tornadoes from time to time. But Manitoba also gets the most sunshine of any area in Canada most years.

Retirement living in Manitoba has plenty to recommend it—from beautiful outdoor spaces to the vitality and culture of a bustling city and rich aboriginal and French influences. Check out our free listing of Manitoba retirement communities today—and find the perfect place to spend your golden years.