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Indiana has over 6.3 million inhabitants, and it’s located in the heart of the Midwest, on the banks of the Great Lakes. It offers a wide variety of landscapes, from the rolling hills and picturesque small towns of the south to the shopping, museums, and cultural attractions of Indianapolis, the Lake Michigan beaches to the north, and the fascinating world of Indiana’s many Amish communities.

Indiana offers dozens of gorgeous state parks, including the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and the Hoosier National Forest. The parks preserve a wide range of natural landscapes, including beautiful wooded gorges, cliffs and waterfalls, hardwood forests, and sand dunes.

The weather of Indiana isn’t the most moderate in the country—winters are cold and summers are hot. But between September and October, the foliage in Indiana is brilliant—and over 250 fall festivals kick into gear throughout the state.

While it’s a bastion of Midwestern family values and traditional ways of life, Indiana is also highly educated. Its universities, including Purdue, Indiana University, and the University of Notre Dame, are top-ranked throughout the country.

Cost of living in Indiana is generally below that of the rest of the country—as are home prices. The tax outlook for retirees, however, is mixed. Overall, Indiana is about in the middle of the country when it comes to tax rates. There’s a low income tax rate of 3.4%, although state sales tax is up to 7% and its property taxes are the 14th highest in the country. Indiana doesn’t tax social security income, and residents aged 60 and older can exclude $2,000 from military pensions. Residents aged 62 and older can deduct $2,000 from their adjusted gross income. Out-of-state pensions are fully taxed in Indiana.

If you’re considering senor living in Indiana, here are a few options for great communities.

Fort Wayne. If you’re a sports fan, Fort Wayne is your place. Ranking as “Best Place in the Country for Minor League Sports” by Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal in 2007, Fort Wayne is home to seven minor league franchises spanning soccer, football, hockey, basketball, and basketball. There are Division I collegiate sports teams at Indiana Tech and the University of St. Francis as well. There are also many festivals and events, from the Fort Wayne BBQ Ribfest to the Fort4Fitness Festival and the Johnny Appleseed Festival, as well as the Three-Rivers Festival, attracting over 400,000 attendees each year.


The largest state in Indiana, Indianapolis has a population of approximately 829,718 and ranks as the 11th largest city in the US. Indianapolis has undergone a recent commitment to revitalize its historic neighborhoods to better spotlight their cultural significance. There are six official cultural districts in the city, offering picturesque neighborhoods, boutique shopping and dining, cultural attractions, and entertainment. 


You may know Lafayette as one of the top ranked towns in any one of many “Best-Places-To-Live” magazine rankings. Offering picturesque neighborhoods with turn-of-the-century architecture, beautiful public spaces and parks, and plenty of interesting shops and cultural events, Lafayette is home to Purdue University. It’s one of the safest places to live in the country—and it’s affordable, too.


Home to Indiana University, Bloomington is a small town with the sophisticated cultural and entertainment options of a larger city. Among its attractions are the country’s only Tibetan Cultural Center, a fantastic yearly music festival, and the state’s oldest and largest winery. The campus at Indiana University has been referred to as one of the five most beautiful college campuses throughout the Country; attractions on campus includes an art museum designed by top-ranked architectural firm I. M. Pei.

Indiana is a great place to retire if you’re looking for small-town life with a cultural and artistic vibe. You can find a wide range of assisted living options in Indiana, from independent living facilities to comprehensive care. Check out our listings of Indiana senior living facilities, and get started planning your retirement.