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Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the nation. Only 20% of the population is considered overweight here, much lower than the 50% national average. And it’s no wonder people in Colorado are active. The government owns about a third of all the land in Colorado—giving the state plenty of stunning mountain and desert wilderness, perfect for hiking, camping, skiing, fishing and hunting. With stunning mountains, sparkling lakes, and a wealth of outdoor recreation available, Colorado is one of the best places to retire for active seniors.

It’s not cheap to find senior living in Colorado. Median household income is above the national average, and so are property values. However, Colorado has a flat tax rate of 4.63%–one of the lowest in the nation—and sales taxes at only 2.9%. Colorado’s overall taxes are 34th highest in the nation—lower than average.

In addition, retirees have significant tax exemptions for pensions, military retirement and social security benefits: $24,000 for those over 65, and $20,000 for those aged 55-64. If you’ve lived there over 10 years and are over 65, the Homestead Act Property Tax Protection lets you exempt 50% of your home value, up to $200,000, from property taxes. And in Colorado, there is no taxation on inheritance and estates.

If you’re interested in finding senior housing in Colorado, here are a few places to check out:


The largest city in Colorado, with 2.3 million, Denver is also the 10th largest city in America—and one of the highest, with an elevation of 5,260 feet. The sun shines 300 days per year in Denver, giving you plenty of beautiful days to enjoy the city’s 200 parks.


Boulder is a truly outdoor-friendly city, surrounded by parks and trails exploring the stunning Rocky Mountain foothills. There are also plenty of cultural and artistic events in town, such as the yearly Colorado Music Festival.

Fort Collins

One of Colorado’s larger cities, Fort Collins is the hometown of several renowned writers and artists including James Michener and Allen Ginsberg. The site of Colorado State University, Fort Collins also offers plenty of fine dining, shopping, and other entertainment.


Situated between beautiful deserts and mountain vistas in the Southwestern corner of Colorado, Cortez is a perfect base of operations for visiting Mesa Verde National Park. There’s also a championship 18-hole golf course. Near to some of the state’s most famous ancient Anasazi settlements, Cortez is an excellent place to explore your interests in history as well as your love of the outdoors. There are also plenty of cultural activities and options for entertainment within the city.

Colorado Springs

In the foothills of the rocky mountains, Colorado Springs is located near Pike’s Peak—one of America’s most famous mountains. In the 1870’s, the city was a swanky resort town. Today, it’s a booming town of universities, military bases, and Christian organizations. In Colorado Springs, the temperature is less extreme than in other areas of the state, with milder winters and cooler summers. Colorado Springs is considered fairly affordable for a large city in Colorado, with moderate home prices that have fallen even lower in the past few years. In addition, Colorado Springs offers a wealth of cultural and artistic entertainment.

Retirement in Colorado may not be the least expensive—but it’s sure to be the most fun. With a wide range of senior living and senior assistance options in Colorado’s large cities and small towns, you’re sure to find the perfect senior housing option for you—by checking out our listings for retirement communities in Colorado.