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The westernmost province, British Columbia likes on the Pacific Northwest and borders Washington State to the south. Its largest city is Vancouver—a major metropolitan area and destination for tourism, culture, and movie-making. The weather in southern British Columbia is generally mild near the coast, with cool, wet winters and warm summers. Winters tend to be more severe in the northern regions and the interior of the province.

British Columbia offers excellent opportunities for skiing and hiking in the Rocky Mountains. There are many national parks and reserves, including Glacier National Park and the Pacific Rim National Park and Reserve.

Nearly half of British Columbia’s population lives in the Vancouver metro area, with many of the rest concentrated around Victoria at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. British Columbia retirement communities in these areas feature plenty of access to shopping, fine dining, and cultural events as well as proximity to Canada’s beautiful outdoor spaces. Check out our free listings of British Columbia retirement communities today—and find your ideal retirement spot.

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