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Ask most retirees in Alabama, and they’ll tell you it’s an ideal retirement spot because of the financial benefits. Alabama’s cost of living is among the lowest in the nation.  The state doesn’t levy income taxes on federal or state pensions, defined benefit pensions, or social security benefits—making it a very affordable place to live for many retirees. In addition, the cost of land and housing is relatively low compared to other states in the country, with low property taxes and a sales tax of only 4%.

There are other reasons to find senior housing in Alabama, however. One is access to high-quality health care facilities. If you choose an assisted living facility in Birmingham or Montgomery, you’ll be located close to some of the nation’s best hospitals. In addition, it’s easier to pay for health care in Alabama. If you’re age 55 or over but haven’t yet qualified for Medicare, Alabama’s Early Retiree Reinsurance Program will help you cover health insurance costs.

Alabama has a range of assisted living, independent living, and other senior housing options for retirees—at surprisingly affordable prices. In this southern state, the residents are known for their friendliness—and you’re sure to find a welcoming community there. In Alabama, family and community play a huge role in everyone’s life—and it’s easy for even new residents to foster a sense of belonging.

The weather is also attractive to retirees. In Alabama, you’ll find mild winters that usually don’t drop below the 40’s—and hot summers, with temperatures going up to the 90’s. The weather is relaxing and mild for most of the year, and is ideal for active retirees who love spending time outside.

Speaking of which, if you love the outdoors, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to get outside in Alabama. The state is known for its natural beauty. There are also over 20 state parks, including the Gulf State Park and the Joe Wheeler State Park, which provide beautiful settings for camping, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.  There are many gorgeous beaches, providing a wealth of places to look for senior housing by the shore. And golf is big in Alabama, with many championship-caliber golf courses throughout the state.

Here’s an overview of popular places to find senior housing and senior assisted living options in Alabama.


The biggest town in Alabama, Birmingham is home to many of Alabama’s colleges and universities—including the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Samford University, and Miles College. There’s plenty of cultural activities available, from the historic Alabama Theatre to the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Opera Birmingham, the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, and more.


With several beautiful historic neighborhoods as well as shopping and dining options, Montgomery is an excellent place to retire. In 2011, the city council announced several beautification and restoration projects aiming to make the city even more beautiful.


If your taste runs more toward small towns than big cities, Eufaula might be an ideal place for you to find senior housing in Alabama. Founded as a center of trade due to its proximity to the Chattahoochee River, Eufaula was a major commercial center prior to the Civil War. You can still see much of that history today; over 700 buildings in Eufaula are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, giving the town a beautiful ante-bellum and Victorian flavor.


Fairhope has an interesting history. In 1894, it was founded by a group of 28 settlers as a cooperative colony free from private monopoly. Today, the Fairhope Single-Tax Corporation covers over 1,800 leaseholders throughout 4,000 acres. The city owns the land, and leaseholders pay a tax of approximately $500-$1,000 instead of paying property taxes. Today, the community is partly artist’s colony, partly retirement community, partly well-to-do suburb of nearby Mobile.

There are plenty of reasons to come to Alabama for senior housing and assisted living options. Check out our listing of senior housing facilities in Alabama, and find your reason to move here.