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With today’s Oregonians opting for continued independence as they pass into their golden years, an increased need for reliable Oregon senior home care services has become apparent. Often referred to as in home care, senior home care or elder care, these home health care services give those desirous of remaining in their own homes that option. The alternative choice of relocating to some type of assisted living facility may be unacceptable for a variety of reasons. The desire to remain independent in one’s own home environment is one of the chief reasons many elect to contract for some type of appropriate elderly home care. Many options exist in this area of care-giving.

For family members assuming responsibility for promoting a dignified, comfortable and peaceful existence for their aging loved one, in home care services often provide an ideal solution. Levels of care available through various home care providers can be as inclusive as required or as basic as needed. For some, simple light housekeeping duties and some time spent visiting with and checking up on the client may be all that is called for.

Oregon senior home care services are available in all areas and at all levels of service delivery. The most popular form of in home care services currently being provided is called non-medical in-home care. Companies providing this type of service are required to be licensed by the state of Oregon, the records being maintained at the State Capitol in Salem.

Common duties of a non-medical Oregon senior home care provider may include assistance in bathing, toileting, dressing, and general mobility. They may also provide transportation when needed, cook meals, assist in feeding and administer medications.

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