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Options for quality Missouri senior home care reflect the many retirement communities that fit every need and lifestyle. There are many in-home care providers in every city and town throughout the state. The community that you choose will reflect the needs and level of in-home care services that are necessary. Retirement communities cover the spectrum of a person’s needs. You can choose an active lifestyle, senior home care or elder care. Either long-term living arrangements or short-term recovery and rehabilitation are available. These communities strive to make their residents feel comfortable and secure. Every resident has his or her own needs and “wish list” for retirement living. There are hundreds of retirement communities offering home health care throughout Mo.

Adult day care facilities offer elder care including nursing, nutritious meals that adhere to special diets and social interaction. Social bonding and friendships are important throughout a person’s life. A family using in-home care services can be assured their loved one is cared for with utmost respect. Adult day care facilities usually operate 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The noninstitutional assisted living facilities allow the retiree to live independently, with dignity in his or her own apartment with home care providers assisting with day-to-day routine activities. This service is provided 24 hours per day. Each resident is encouraged to participate in social activities. Families are welcome to participate as much as possible.

Continuing care facilities provide elderly home care to retirees throughout the stages of their lives. Those who choose independent living campuses will enjoy the many activities while having meals prepared and housekeeping provided. Retirees who need assisted living will be cared for with respect and dignity, and enjoy the social activities that are offered by the facilities. Full-time nursing care is available when needed.