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Maine senior home care is the name for medical services rendered to older adults in their own homes. It’s a newer and more practical way of dealing with health issues than has been done in the recent past. As medical needs increase, some retirees are forced to move between home, hospital, doctor’s office, and testing labs. All this moving of the patient is something people have become used to, but it’s not efficient, and places a burden on patients and family caregivers and friends, as rides are needed, prescriptions must be filled, and emergencies occur when preventive care has not been administered. In-home care is a fancy name for house calls. Remember those?

Senior home care brings back the good old days when doctors came to you.

Now, elder care in your own home means medical personnel come to you. Most often, nurses can handle your needs, but if a doctor is needed, he or she can be summoned.

Home health care is not only convenient; it can greatly improve your physical and emotional well-being. The sad story of an elder who did not receive care when it was needed resonates with people of all ages. In home care services mean that no longer has to happen.

If you are looking for elderly home care in Maine, there will be many agencies to consider from Portland to Bangor. Perhaps English is not your first language. In that case, seek a provider with personnel who speak your language.

Whatever your current health status, in-home care means it will be monitored, and any problems addressed early on. Further, if you need help with personal care, such as bathing, dressing, and bandages, the frequent visits of caring elder care professionals will provide the help you need without your having to ask your family and friends.