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Northwest Territories Ca Retirement Communities seem to be very limited. Yellowknife, the capitol of the territory, is the only city with a population of only 18,700. The Canadian government provides retirement benefits for all citizens who have reached the age of 65. Senior retirement communities can be found in Dawson and White Horse and provide independent and assisted living. The Canadian government as well as the governing body of the Northwest Territories encourages senior citizens to remain as active as possible because it promotes a healthy lifestyle and longevity. Because of the limited number of retirement living communities the majority of senior citizens opt for care in neighboring territories or provinces.


Retirement homes may seem lacking in the Northwest Territories, however the population according to the 2006 Canadian census was 41,464 spread out over 1,140,835 square kilometers. That does not mean that senior citizens in the Northwest Territories are not interested in senior housing. As a person becomes eligible for retirement benefits, they begin to think about the future.

Senior living communities promote a healthy lifestyle. Most retirement communities encourage their residents to stay active and full of vigor. Planned activities and field trips are a great way to stay active and make many new friends. The best retirement communities encourage social interaction among the residents. The days of wasting away your retirement years in front of the TV are gone forever. Many people look forward to an active retirement in Northwest Territories Ca retirement communities.

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