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When researching your options for Nevada retirement communities, look past the glamorous city lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Nevada offers some of the best retirement communities in the country. Affordable senior housing can be tough to find in many parts of the country, but a wide range of prices exists in Nevada. The recent economic downturn can also lead to some great deals too. Active adults are no longer interested in just a retirement home; they want a vibrant senior living community that can keep up with them. After all, just because you are retired does not mean that you want to sit by yourself in an old rocker on a front porch somewhere!

Bird watching is a popular activity for many seniors, and Nevada is a great state for observing birds as they migrate.

With the variety of wetlands, sand dunes and desert shrub lands, it’s a guarantee that residents of senior retirement communities will see a plethora of birds.

The Silver State features art galleries, museums, symphonies, concerts and street magic. In fact, many Nevada retirement communities encourage their residents to try their hand with the many amateur groups available.

With over 100 golf courses, Nevada is a golfer’s paradise. Many of the challenging courses are top ranked by Golf Digest and Sports Illustrated, but there are low-key options for beginners, too. In fact, many Nevada retirement communities are located on a golf course.

For those with a more adventurous nature, explore the back country of Nevada with other members of your retirement living community in search of hot springs. The state contains many of these naturally occurring mineral pools. Some are rustic, while others are in a spa-like, resort setting. All are relaxing after a long day of hiking or biking through the desert.

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