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Maryland retirement communities are places to live for healthy people over 55 years old. They are a type of congregate housing, which puts people together based on similar needs and interests. A retirement living community lets you create a new home in a great location, and with the amenities you want. Whether you golf, swim, enjoy card games, or dining with friends, you’ll make a new life for your golden years in a senior retirement community. Senior housing is an exciting, up-and-coming housing model that recognizes the needs of older adults, including minor health issues, a desire for more security, and a desire to socialize without having to drive all over town.

In a senior living community, your new friends are right next door.

You and perhaps your spouse have private quarters, standalone or attached, and enjoy shared features of the community.

Maryland retirement communities are special because they may be located near the best of what Maryland has to offer. For the hardcore fanatic, Washington, DC, is next door. If you like the outdoors, there’s the incredible bay. Foodies will love trying the various kinds of crabcakes that are made from locally sourced blue crabs.

Many people are afraid of moving out of their treasured homes and into a retirement community. The stability and comfort of one’s lifetime home is hard to beat. But one must factor in the expenses that come with home ownership, the insecurity that comes from knocks on the door or hard-to-secure windows, as well as the possible isolation some feel in today’s culture, where neighborliness seems have gone by the wayside.

Some of the best retirement communities for a retirement home are here in Maryland. If you are beginning to research retirement living community options, the internet is the place to start. You can’t expect a phone book to have up-to-date information, because new communities are springing up constantly.

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