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People who are looking for Illinois retirement communities have many options in senior housing. Some of the best retirement communities can be found in Illinois, otherwise known as the Land of Lincoln. Seniors who have worked hard at a career or raising a family all of their adult lives are ready for a new lifestyle of fun and relaxation that can be found at senior retirement communities. A retirement living community can offer the stress-free living that comes from not having to maintain a home as well as numerous community activities which seniors may otherwise not have been able to participate in. Seniors may also desire the additional companionship available in a retirement living community.

Seniors who live in a retirement home near the Illinois state capitol of Springfield will have numerous opportunities for community outings and recreation with other members of their senior living community. The biggest attraction in Springfield is the Lincoln Home National Historical Site where our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, lived and raised his family during the last half of the 1800s. If seniors enjoy the history of Abraham Lincoln that the state is known for, they may also want to visit the Presidential Library and Museum or Lincoln’s Tomb.

Springfield is also the home to several annual events that many seniors would enjoy, such as the International Route 66 Mother Road Festival and Car Show or the Old Capitol Art Fair. Since Illinois is a state with much seasonal variety, there are many social options for active seniors to explore both indoors and outdoors.

If you are ready to enjoy a relaxing retirement where you can embark on a new adventure any day that you choose to, check out our guide below for the many options of Illinois retirement communities in your local area.

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