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Make a Grandma or Grandpa’s Life Easier – Give Them The Best Tech Gifts for Seniors

Make a Grandma or Grandpa’s Life Easier - Give Them The Best Tech Gifts for Seniors 1

Make a Grandma or Grandpa’s life easier–Give them best tech gifts for seniors

Whether the tech is for music on the go or to keep track of health issues there is a huge universe of fun and practical products available.

Everyone enjoys a high-tech gadget that’s easy to use so keep in mind the gift receiver’s abilities when you shop. Technology changes at such a rapid pace that an item that would not have been suitable for a particular individual a year ago may have been updated making the current version a great fit.

New gadgets require some learning–this is an awesome opportunity for you to spend time with Grandma or Grandpa teaching them how to work the gadget. Although seniors typically didn’t grow up with a lot of gadgets, once they understand the benefits most are willing to adapt to change. Technology can bring a lot of convenience into the life of a senior.

Here are some of the best tech gifts for seniors

Amazon Echo aka Alexa

Amazon Echo has a wonderful automated voice system affectionately called Alexa. Want to know a particular piece of trivia? Just ask!  Echo will tell you the news, read you a book, play you music, set a reminder, or just tell you a joke. There is an application that allows Echo to work with your Directv set box. Shows are just a voice command away. You can even pause or rewind with voice command. Another use for Echo is easy ordering of Amazon products–just ask Alexa to send you whatever is on your Amazon shopping list.  You can even order your Dominos’ pizza or place a Starbucks’ coffee order using a voice command. Updates and applications continue to be added to Amazon Echo so it is a wonderful gift that grows in value. Alexa functions like a virtual assistant which is super helpful for a senior who is busy or has limited mobility. 
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Garmin Forerunner 230

Garmin is a leader in the smartwatch market and its Forerunner 230 has wonderful technology for seniors. This GPS enabled device allows the wearer to connect the watch with a compatible smartphone which makes receiving calls easy. It keeps track of the text messages too. The Garmin Forerunner 230 is a great organizing tool. This makes it perfect for seniors who have problems remembering things. The easy-to-read LED and bigger than usual screen makes it ideal for those with vision problems. The Garmin Forerunner 230 also doubles as a health monitor. This means they can daily monitor their heart rate and keep track of all steps taken.  Wearers can receive simple reminders for activity and exercise.
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Reminder Rosie

This gadget helps maximize independence among seniors. Reminder Rosie is  an ideal gift especially for seniors who have memory loss. Reminder Rosie makes it easier for them to stick to their routines. It also reduces the need for caregivers to remind their charges repeatedly about certain routines. With Reminder Rosie seniors don’t have to worry about missing their medications or important appointments. This device can record up to 25 reminders a day. The best thing about this gadget is that Reminder Rosie functions with voice-activated technology. There’s no confusion about which button to push. With a voice command, seniors can easily review the reminders that they have set for the day.  
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Veckle Car Mount Cell Phone Holder

The Veckle Car Mount Cell Phone Holder is a great tool for keeping Grandpa’s cell phone from sliding around  the car. This gadget is easily mounted into either the CD player or the air vent. This is a useful tool for those who want to have GPS or music easily available. For those seniors who have continued to use paper maps, the ease of using a Veckle Car Mount can be a game changer. A cell phone on a mounted holder makes navigating without paper maps a breeze. With the Veckle Car Mount and your cell phone’s GPS cumbersome paper maps are no longer necessary which makes driving safer without compromising the need for information.  Veckle has a variety of models that are suited for specific needs. All of the models have universal connectivity and are able to swivel 360 degrees.
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If the senior in your life has trouble sleeping because of disruptive noise in or around the house, give Lectrofan as a gift. This fan has 10 different fan sounds as well as  brown, pink or white noise. The sound that the fan creates is something soft and relaxing to hear. Those unusual or sudden disrupting noises are masked by the sound released from the Lectrofan. The sound Lectrofan makes lulls the listener’s brain into a calm and relaxing sleep. Plus, it  has a volume control that is easy to operate. Sweet dreams are just a Lectrofan away!
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Logicmark Freedom Alert Emergency System

If you are unable to find a suitable cell phone for grandma, a good alternative would be the Logicmark Freedom Alert Emergency System. The device is marketed as an emergency calling device. This is perfect for people who are not tech-savvy and still want to be connected to those they love. The senior can communicate with contacts or send an alert when there is an emergency. The Logicmark system is easy to use and can bring peace of mind. The range is about 600 feet from the base so one can be in a different room of  the house or in the yard and make a call. It is able to support up to four personal contacts and 911. It’s a good value for the price since it is a one-time purchase with no monthly fees.
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Amazon Kindle e-Reader 

If the senior in your life likes to read–the Amazon Kindle will be a welcomed gift! The Amazon Kindle e-reader has the ability to download an entire book in just one minute. You can give Grandma an entire library! The Kindle e-Reader features dark on-screen text and has a no-glare screen so seniors can still easily read  even in broad daylight. Plus, its font size can be adjusted making it super user-friendly especially to seniors with vision problems. The reader will enjoy its capability to store thousands of books, magazines and newspapers. The Kindle is also lightweight which means less burden for aging hands and shoulders. 
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Nix Advance -8 Inch Hi-Res Photo Frame with Motion Sensor

Seeing pictures of  grandchildren and adult children is important to seniors. In the past, the common way to display photos was one photo per traditional frame. With the help of technology the Nix Advance 8 Inch Hi-Res Photo Frame displays multiple photos within the same “frame.” Imagine an 8 inch monitor that looks like a framed photo but can scroll thousands of  pictures. The eight-inch version comes with a 720 pixel HD Video Playback. The best feature in this photo frame is the motion sensor. It  accepts a USB or SD card and has a remote control. There are versions of wi-fi frames supported by the cloud which makes updating photos over long distances very easy. 
Get more info about the Nix Advance 8 inch hi-res photo frame

Shiatsu Pillow Massager

A person with sore muscles and a painful back would benefit from a visit to the local day spa. But, for some seniors, going out for a massage might seem more like an inconvenience rather than an exciting activity.  This is why the Shiatsu Pillow Massager could prove to be very helpful. This deep-kneading massager makes it easier for seniors to find relief from muscle aches, pains and tightness. Its ergonomic design makes it a perfect massager for seniors. It also has a heating function that ensures you get a soothing and relaxing experience every time you use it. Don’t worry about the danger of the pillow becoming overheated. This device is equipped with an overheat-protection system. It also has a 20-minute auto shut-off system so you don’t have to worry about a senior forgetting to turn it off. 
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TV Ears Listening Headset

TV Ears is an assistive listening device for seniors. Your neighbors will definitely thank you for using it. Gone are the days when the television’s volume is too loud for your neighbors or your family members yet too low for your ears. TV Ears is easy to use — an infrared transmitter is simply plugged into your TV. Then using the headset device, you can now clearly hear the sounds coming from your TV. Plus, any background noise in the house will no longer distract you. It greatly spares seniors from damaged ears caused by very loud TV audio. With this headset, a hearing challenged senior can enjoy watching TV without having volume control issues with everyone else! There’s even an option where a couple can each have their own set adjusting it to their individual liking.
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iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum 

A Vacuum for the 21st Century!! This iRobot Roomba 690 Robotic cleaner is suitable for several floor types. It can be used for carpet,  tile or wood floors. This best-selling indoor robotic vacuum is so easy to use. The senior will only need to press the “CLEAN” button and the robot will start vacuuming right away. This robot cleans the floor by zooming around and snatching dust, dirt, pet hair and cereal debris. It can sense objects on the floor and navigate around them. This makes cleaning a house a breeze for seniors. This is also helpful for caregivers since cleaning the floor will be one less thing to do. However, one needs to make sure that these robots are docked in a corner. This is to avoid anyone from tripping on the roomba if their vision and mobility limits them to see flat and low robots like this one. This robot cleaner is only 3.6 inch tall so it could easily fit under the bed or any furniture. Don’t worry about your grandma forgetting to charge it. This robot cleaner is a self-charging device. It automatically docks to recharge. So, it’s always ready for a floor-cleaning activity. If you’d like you can control the Roomba from your smart device. 
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Anti-Scald Device

This device can be attached to a shower head or faucet. It helps ensure that the water temperature stays at a safe level to prevent a senior from scalding. This device is also important in households where young children and physically challenged people live. For seniors who are aging in place, having an anti-scalding device could greatly spare them from danger. Since scalding not only leads to burns it has also been found to cause heart attacks, falls, broken bones, shock and other serious avoidable injuries. Scalding also entails very expensive treatments. Not to mention longer hospital stays and skin grafts that could cost a senior lots of money. So, to avoid these, give this anti-scald device as a gift. 
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Digital Calendar Clock

Some retirees say to them every day is a weekend! The feeling like one is on a constant vacation is a surreal experience. On one hand, it’s wonderful to not be tied to a schedule, on the other hand, it can be confusing to not  know what day it is!! This Digital Calendar Clock has a beautiful display listing the day of the week, month and year. The month and date are written in big bold letters so that seniors with vision problems can still read it clearly. It’s display is also non-glare so visually impaired seniors won’t have trouble seeing it at any angle. This digital clock can be used as a wall clock or a desk clock. 
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 Weather Station Display

This weather station display is designed with high-precision capability. Perfect for the person who loves all things weather related. Want to know about the wind? It’s got that covered! Want to know about the moisture in the air? It’s got that! The Weather Station Display accurately measures humidity, wind direction, wind speed, temperature and rainfall. If you want to connect the LCD display to the internet – you can!  Planning on walking the dog or planting tomatoes– let Weather Station Display help you decide the best time. Senior weather enthusiasts will be happy to be in the know with their yard’s specific information.
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Digital Keyfinder

“Where did I put my keys?” If this is a common question from someone you love, they are going to be happy to receive the gift of a Digital Keyfinder.  This digital key finder is easy to use and it produces a loud sound so even a senior with hearing problems can still hear it. It is extremely durable and is capable of detecting keys as far as 300 feet away. It does not require any programming so it can be used  right away.  
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With so many tech gadgets available you are likely to find one that is the perfect gift  for making grandma and grandpa’s life easier.