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Wisconsin independent living facilities are an ideal option for seniors who are currently independent but may desire more companionship or greater opportunities to enjoy the community. An independent living community can offer seniors several types of personal services and recreation options together in one location. For example, rather than having to travel to two different locations for a haircut or to visit the library, seniors can access those services by residing at an independent living facility. Senior independent living is geared toward active seniors who want to enjoy their retirement without the stress of home ownership. Wisconsin independent living facilities are not equipped to provide for medical needs, although seniors may contract with outside agencies.

There are many activities near Wisconsin’s capitol city of Madison that will be of interest to active and community minded seniors.

The Overture Center for the Arts displays fine artwork and has several interactive sessions where seniors can ask questions and participate in the artistic process. History buffs may enjoy visiting the Wisconsin Historical Museum and discussing the Civil War with members of their independent living facilities. There are always a variety of ongoing events to choose from at the Greater Madison Convention Bureau.

Wisconsin boasts four very distinct seasons, and there are many opportunities for people from senior independent living homes to enjoy them, from catching a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game in the summer to slapping skis on their feet and heading to the city of Horeb for cross-country skiing with their friends during winter.

Wisconsin independent living facilities can make sure that retirement is all a person can dream, by providing the social interaction, community activities and stress-free living that retired people deserve. Our guide below will help you to choose the right independent living community in which to enjoy your retirement.