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If you are needing a little bit of help with day to day household activities and minor medical needs, but do not want to give up your freedom and independence, then one of the many beautiful and caring South Dakota independent living communities may be the place for you. There are many independent living facilities throughout South Dakota, including communities near Pierre, Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen, Watertown, Brookings, and in many other South Dakota locations. You can receive the care you need close to home, while retaining your privacy and independence in the independent living community that is right for you. Explore your options with our inclusive list, and find your new home today.

Senior independent living in South Dakota independent living communities allows you to keep your independence and privacy while receiving the care you need.

Meals, housekeeping, and yard care can be provided. Nursing care and home health aides are also available to provide caring, compassionate care in the comfort of your living space. Independent living facilities are also built to be safe and easy to navigate for those with mobility issues. Transportation is also provided for shopping, medical appointments, and other activities.

South Dakota independent living communities also provide many opportunities for socializing and forging new friendships. As we age we often lose friends at a time when companionship is needed more than ever. In an independent living community you are around others on a daily basis if you choose to be. Communities provide many activities for making new friends and catching up with old ones. These social benefits cannot be overestimated.

It is also important to remember that by staying in South Dakota you can stay close to the friends and family members you love. You stay close to the familiar places you love, and often do not have to change medical care providers. Visits from children, grandchildren, and other loved ones remain convenient.