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Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the nation, but residents of Rhode Island independent living communities like to live big. The state packs a lot to see and do into 1,214 square miles but they are known for their dining experiences. In fact, the state’s tourism slogan is ‘one’s sense of adventure isn’t so much inherited as it is discovered one meal at a time’. Gourmet dining draws travelers from around the world to sample the diverse offerings of fresh seafood, tasty desserts and the top quality culinary delights. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of senior independent living in Rhode Island, you could eat your way through the state.

To burn off all those calories, Rhode Island has a 100 mile network of bike paths and trails.

In fact, biking is a popular pastime in a state that is only 37 miles wide. A group of active adults from an independent living community could bike all the way across the state with ease.

All Rhode Island independent living communities are within a short drive to the beach and, with over 100 oceanfront beaches, there are many to choose from. The little town of Newport is one of the popular spots for independent living facilities because it is the sailing capital of the world.

Whether you are interested in gourmet dining, prime biking trails or world class sailing, retiring at Rhode Island independent living communities is an adventure of a lifetime.