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There comes a time when some people are unable to take care of themselves. Or they are able but choose to not work so hard at day-to-day chores. Or, they want to plan ahead for their future needs. And they don’t want to be cooped up or ‘put in a home.’ Seniors and their families have good choices: Nebraska independent living communities offer a wide selection of quality senior living situations.

Located in cities large and small throughout Nebraska, independent living communities offer seniors and the elderly a range of housing options. In addition to home-like comforts and independent apartments, a professional staff ensures any and all possible other needs are met and met safely.

From apartment maintenance to grounds keeping and flower gardens.

From on-campus facilities to local transportation. From community restaurants to meal services. From on-campus movies and clubs to all-day outings to enjoy the area. Independent living communities take the daily work out of retirement.

And, in addition to providing a safe and secure environment, senior independent living facilities typically are prepared for whatever medical services or support a senior resident might need. Note that some independent living facilities have on-campus medical facilities and some are located close to medical support.

Whether you’re are looking for yourself or a family member, use our guide to Nebraska independent living communities to start your research and planning for this next most important move. It’s easy to narrow your search by location, size, services offered or desired amenity.