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When it comes to Connecticut independent living communities, many seniors have the same thought – ‘no thanks’. Understandably, there is a concern about moving out of a home that has been owned for years, especially into a facility where they may try regulating schedules. Seniors know that their retirement should be their time to shine, and being told what they can and can’t do just doesn’t line up. Fortunately, the concept of the independent living community has come a long way, and many in the Connecticut area now offer great apartment-style living with the freedom to do what you want, when you want to, and enjoy your retirement the way it should be.

Don’t be fooled by every “senior independent living” ad that you see or that your family brings you not all facilities are the same.

Ask the hard questions about what the real amenities in the building are, how big the suites are going to be, and what kind of food service you’re going to be looking at. After all, if you’re going to be moving, it should be up to somewhere you deserve, a place that has your best interests in mind and lets you come and go as you please, all while providing a clean and professional atmosphere.

Independent living facilities in Connecticut can offer you a wide range of great in-house features and also the ability to enjoy everything the Connecticut area has going for it. This includes things like the Submarine Force museum, home of the nation’s first nuclear-powered sub, and old-world charm of cities like Hartford, that offer not only great shopping and nightlife but a slice of American history. Connecticut independent living communities can be a great way to enjoy the freedom of being retired and the beauty of the state without having to worry about home maintenance, giving you the chance to finally relax.