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California independent living communities offer wonderful opportunities to live in beautiful natural surroundings. California offers independent living communities that range from casual oceanside resorts to relaxed countryside settings with magnificent mountain and ocean views. Sunny and warm year-round, California is a healthy choice for those looking to retire in comfort and style. When choosing a senior independent living facility, you only have to imagine your surroundings and then choose California; it has whatever you can ever need for yourself and your loved one. We welcome you to our site and want you to discover all of California’s healthful benefits and wonders. You will find a healthy place to call home and one you can share with your friends and family for years.

Senior independent living offers the benefit of retiring in a relaxed environment where one can continue to make his or her own life decisions and allows the freedom of not having to worry about maintenance issues that come with owning a home or living alone. You may also want to know that Social Security benefits are excluded from state income taxes in California.

Some examples of amenities that are offered in independent living facilities are on-site banking, golf courses, in-house transportation, cafe and white linen food service, housekeeping, swimming pools, beauty salons, community outings and worship services.

California has many beautiful cities like Sacramento, which is the state capital, Carmel, Monterey Bay, San Diego, San Francisco and Palm Springs. When reviewing California independent living communities, you may want to consider Palm Springs: It has one of the largest and most active retirement communities in the nation. It has an abundant amount of independent living facilities to choose from. We hope that you will use our site to discover the great retirement communities we offer throughout California.