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Living is the key in the title, Alaska Independent Living Communities. Finding a senior independent living community is easy and you can start right now. Living in a state of unsurpassed beauty at a time in your life when you have the freedom to relax and appreciate that beauty is what living is all about. The state of Alaska offers affordable senior housing with modern amenities. The Alaska Statewide Independent Living Council and Southeast Alaska Independent Living are just two examples of how much the state is invested in providing quality independent living for seniors. Living in Alaska means living in a vibrant and beautiful land full of wildlife and rich with history.

Alaska offers wilderness, mountains, rivers, snow, and year-round wild life from bears to birds, moose, and orca whales.

The capital city of Juneau and other major cities like Anchorage and Fairbanks have all any city can offer. Museums, performing art centers, golf, hiking, fishing, and shopping are just a few of the activities possible.

Independence does not mean seclusion. And independent living facilities come with a community. Find spacious quiet apartments, numerous safety features, maintenance-free living, and a come and go as you please environment. Access to fitness centers, beauty parlors, and movie theaters comes without even having to go outside, for those times when the temperature drops below zero. With nursing assistance available when needed and plenty of social opportunities, nothing is missing in Alaska.

From coastal cities to mountain interiors, Alaska offers spectacular scenery and a wide variety of outdoor activities. Add culture, history, and shopping and Alaska has it all. Bring the frontier spirit to your retirement years. Check out the available list so you can locate and compare Alaska independent living communities. Look north to the future and find your ideal community now.