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How to help your elderly relative during COVID-19

senior man Covid-19 Coronavirus

It’s always difficult knowing that en elderly relative is struggling. But it’s even more difficult at the moment with everything going on in the world. The current pandemic means that older people are more vulnerable than ever. If they get the virus they face more of a significant risk of getting a serious illness or an even worse fate.

So, what does this mean for you? It’s likely that you’ll need to keep a closer eye on your elderly relative and might need to provide more assistance. Here are some ways to help your elderly relative. 

Financial aid

Covid-19 has meant that lots of things have slowed down. Your relative may have been in the process of getting financial aid. They might have a disability, for example (for veterans with disabilities, check out this VA disability calculator. Always accept help when you can). However, the process may have slowed due to the pandemic – especially if your relative isn’t leaving the house. So, how can you help? Assist your relative and offer to help them sort their finances and chase payments. Your relative needs the money and will benefit from a little assistance.


Your elderly relative probably isn’t leaving the house at the moment. But they’ll still need supplies. Help them out by doing their weekly shop. You shouldn’t go into their home in the process, but you can leave the groceries on their doorstep. This way, they have everything they need without facing any germs. Try to sneak in a few nice treats or surprises, too.   

Phone calls

senior man Covid-19 Coronavirus

Loneliness and isolation is a huge problem for older people. And, during the pandemic, it’s even more of an issue than ever. Your elderly relative may have looked forward to social activities in their weekly routine that simply aren’t able to take place now. So, it’s important to stay connected with your elderly relative even if you can’t see them in person. Try to call them regularly and have a chat. Alternatively, you might be able to go and wave at them through the window. Seeing your face will cheer them up and remind them that you care.

Wear a mask

How does wearing a mask help your elderly relative if you aren’t seeing them in person? Wearing a mask prevents the spread of the disease. This means that fewer people will be infected, and case levels will go down. And how does this help your elderly relative? It’s pretty simple. If case levels start to decrease, your elderly relative will be able to leave the house sooner and return to normal life. This is what everyone wants, so be sensible and wear mask. Make sure you’re regularly washing your hands and avoid touching your face, too.