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Utah continuing care retirement communities are able to meet the needs of the retiree who feels that the time has come to move to an adult facility. It does not matter if you live in Salt Lake City, the state capital, Sandy or Ogden, the time will come when you will have to consider alternative living options either for yourself or your parent(s). Choosing a continuing care retirement community means you should be prepared to do considerable research and ask a lot of questions. Once you have decided on a continuing care community and sign the contract, it is a lifelong decision.

The best way to choose a continuing care retirement community is to start early, before the need arises.

Some experts call this the 40/70 rule. If you are over 40 and your parents are over 70, even though they may be healthy, it is time to begin your research. Talk with your parents while they are still active and find out what their needs and wants are concerning their future. At this stage they can help with the search and you will have peace of mind that your parent(s) helped to make the decision.

One of the first questions to ask is where do they want to live? Do they want move to a Utah continuing care retirement communities closer to you or other family members? Once the decision has been made about the preferred city it is time to begin the search. Does the continuing care community accept pets? What services are included and what amenities cost extra? You may decide that it is better if you do their laundry.

Other considerations include the types of insurance they accept. Do they give veterans a discount? What is their Medicare rating? Medicare rates continuing care retirement communities on a scale from one to five stars. Are your parents financially able to handle the monthly fees?

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