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If you are planning your retirement, look no further than Nebraska continuing care retirement communities. Contrary to popular belief, Nebraska is not just mile after mile of corn fields and tractors. In fact, the state is filled with hidden gems that may surprise you. From treats for the nature lover and spectacular golf to minor league baseball and outlaws of a bygone era, Nebraska has something for everyone. Retirement is a time when you are allowed to sit back, relax and enjoy all that life has to offer without the need for punching a time clock. Choosing a continuing care community in the beautiful Cornhusker state will be easy on your wallet and your eyes.

Bird lovers will enjoy observing the Sandhill Crane spring migration as they stop near the Platte River to rest during their annual trip.

The Rowe Sanctuary Audubon Center and the Fort Kearney State Recreation Area offer prime viewing.

Nebraska is filled with wineries, many within driving distance of your continuing care retirement community. Wander through the vineyards, learn about winemaking and sample the fruits of their labor.

History buffs will enjoy touring the historic sites with new friends from Nebraska continuing care retirement communities. The state has many treasures from its pioneer days including covered bridges, historic forts and original settlements.

The capital city of Lincoln offers an urban retreat to satisfy any desire for fine dining, museums and cultural events. Choosing Nebraska continuing care retirement communities checks off the boxes on everyone’s list.

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