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Retirement can be unique and full of adventure at Missouri continuing care retirement communities. If you imagine a life spent sitting in front of a television or playing bingo, you are in the wrong place. You should want more from your continuing care community. After all, it is your retirement. Think active adult, once in a lifetime adventures and out of the box activities. Whether you enjoy all that Missouri has to offer by water, in the air or underground, know that you will live life to the fullest when you choose one of the many Missouri continuing care retirement communities. After years of hard work, saving and putting off, your rainy day is finally here.

Lake of the Ozarks is the largest inland lake in Missouri and offers a variety of water sports. Boating, fishing and jet skiing are all on the agenda. Plan a weekend getaway with your new friends from Missouri continuing care retirement communities and have fun.

Ever thought of enjoying Missouri by air? You can charter a helicopter for a picnic flight, see the lakes in a private airplane or take a glider ride over the Mississippi. The truly brave can even celebrate the start of their retirement with a tandem skydive jump. Your average continuing care community does not have fun like that on the schedule.

Head underground. Missouri continuing care retirement communities can arrange for tours of abandoned mines turned tourist attraction, caverns formed by long gone underground rivers and dark caves with calcite deposits over 30 feet tall. In fact, you can even tour the infamous cave recorded so eloquently by Mark Twain in five of his novels. It is a rare labyrinth cave whose passageways twist and turn to create an hour-long tour. Retirement in Missouri is an adventure waiting to happen.

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