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Minnesota continuing care retirement communities are places where older adults reside, whether in excellent health, or with some ailments. The concept that underlies continuing care retirement communities is simple. They are places where one may move in while quite healthy, and remain in place even if acute or chronic illnesses occur. A continuing care retirement community is one that will not force you into an intensive medical setting if you fall ill, and the community aspect further defines these establishments. In a care community, residents are among others who are of the same generation or generations, and excludes the more boisterous young folk whom we all love and adore, but sometimes wish to escape!

In Minnesota, there are continuing care communities to suit any need or preference.

Whether you are near Minneapolis or out in lake country, there’s a place for you at one of these innovative senior housing communities.

Many older adults wish to stay in their homes, for the security of the familiar, and the convenience of not having to learn new routes and routines. Others realize that after a period of transition, there are many benefits to picking up stakes and moving to a structured setting.

The reasons are many. Staying at home means strangers at the door, possible rowdies outside, unexpected major expenses, and having to drive or accept rides for medical appointments. In a continuing care community, these issues melt away. With controlled access, and on-site medical personnel, not to mention no plumbing to repair, you simplify your life and get the best out of retirement. Your loved ones can relax, too, knowing you are safe, sound, and happy.

Though some folks might try the phone book to find Minnesota continuing care retirement communities, the better way is to use the internet. Phone books can be out of date, but the internet has the newest listings, not to mention photographs, reviews, and location maps.

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