Located in Winnebago County in Wisconsin, Oshkosh is a quaint community, perfect for seniors heading into retirement. When seniors begin to seek assisted living in Oshkosh, they will find facilities that are accommodating and offer high quality care and support.

Seniors in Oshkosh assisted living maintain a high quality of life due to the ability to participate in activities they enjoy. Seniors can visit the Grand Opera House where they can watch their favorite performing arts performance. Seniors can spend time at the Paine Art Center and Gardens or the Oshkosh Public Museum. For those that enjoy outdoor activities, they can walk the Wiouwash State Trail.

Moving into assisted living in Oshkosh provides seniors with access to highly trained staff. Each member of the team is available to answer any questions and help through the planning and transition process. Making the right decision can feel overwhelming, but when you find the support you need, the process will happen with ease.