Although making the decision to move a loved one into assisted living can be difficult, usually you know that it is the best option. When a family member is no longer able to live independently, finding the right care is essential for maintaining a high quality of life. However, where do you begin?

3 steps to begin finding Green Bay assisted living:

1.    Determine the services and support your loved one needs. Each person moving into assisted living in Green Bay needs a unique set of services. For your loved one to have a wonderful experience, make sure that the facility you are exploring has all of the services needed to keep your loved one happy, safe, and thriving.

2.    Do the math – come up with a budget. One of the biggest expenses in a lifetime is the investment into assisted living. Green Bay facilities will help you break down each service and explore your loved one’s needs. You will then be able to develop a budget you are comfortable with and match the appropriate facilities with a price your loved one can afford.

3.    Discover a community that has features to fit their lifestyle. Finding a community that fits your loved one’s personality and lifestyle is essential for maintaining a happy life. Spend time in the community to make sure it is a good fit. What are the activities your loved one will enjoy? Is the neighborhood safe and friendly? Make a list of priorities and take the time to find a perfect match.

Assisted living in Green Bay, offers a community that is friendly and caring. Facilities feel strongly that residents should maintain an active lifestyle and continue enjoying the activities they love. Seniors can visit the local museums, such as the Neville Public Museum or the National Railroad Museum. Those that like to explore nature and wildlife can head to the Fox River State Recreational Trail or the Heritage Hill State Park.

Green Bay assisted living allows residents to explore the beauty of the Green Bay Botanical Garden or Cofrin Memorial Arboretum. Residents who are football fans, can join the local “Cheese Heads” as they cheer on their favorite team, the Green Bay Packers.

Moving into assisted living in Green Bay, is not always easy. However, finding the perfect facility by carefully planning and exploring, will help make the transition successful. Take the time to find the support, so you can make the right decision.