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A Wisconsin assisted living facility is one in which retirees who are basically healthy reside in an age-congregate setting. In addition to being a place to live, an assisted living facility offers care for some of the needs that arise as we grow older. Assisted living means you’re not on your own when it comes to taking care of needs like bathing, dressing, and basic health maintenance. Though residents live independently and are not considered ‘patients,’ the people who choose to live in one of Wisconsin’s assisted living homes have made the choice because they no longer feel secure living alone in a private home. Assisted living centers are a popular option.

Whether you like the hustle and bustle of Madison, the vibrant youth scene near the University of Wisconsin, or prefer the tranquil meadows and lakes of Wisconsin’s rural areas, you can find an assisted living facility to suit you.

Living at home can sometimes seem like the holy grail of retirement. But seniors are finding that keeping a house, as health concerns mount, is just not a smart or practical thing to do. With an older standalone home come many hassles and expenses, some unforeseen. If the roof leaks or the pipes burst, you’re left to find a competent tradesperson, and then pay what could be a massive repair bill. Further, as we age, we become targets of fraudsters, hooligans, or worse. There’s nothing like a knock on the door when you’re the only one home.

If you experience health issues, but still enjoy social activities, outings, and various recreations, assisted living could be just right for you. In an assisted living center, your health is monitored and when extra care is needed, it’s easy to get, right in the center.