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When the time comes to think about a Texas assisted living facility, you will need to consider what kind of services you or your family member needs. If your family member is forgetting to take medications, taking them at the wrong time or complains that there are too many to keep track of, perhaps it is time to consider assisted living. The assisted living homes will order, store and dispense medications so you will have the peace of mind that the medicines are being taken correctly. It does not matter if you live in Austin (the state capitol), Houston or El Paso. There are thousands of assisted living facilities throughout the state of TX.

There are so many choices for assisted living homes you will want to consider finding the one that fits the lifestyle of individuals. Social interaction is very important, and most assisted living facilities offer a variety of activities and entertainment. Assisted living facilities usually do not require a lease and the resident is free to move out with 30 days notice at any time. Residents usually move because they need a higher level of care than is offered at assisted living centers.

Most assisted living centers do not require that the resident eat every meal in the dining room. However, missed meals are discouraged. Not only does the resident need the nutrition but the staff can monitor their eating habits and ensure they get the correct amount of food and fluids to prevent dehydration. Also, meals are important for social interaction. Most Texas assisted living facilities charge for the meal, even if the resident does not eat. This is to discourage missed meals. Since residents are usually on special diets, the meal may have been especially prepared. If you are taking your family member somewhere and they will not be eating in the dining room, notify the assisted living staff so food will not be wasted.