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The perfect place for seniors to retire is in a South Dakota assisted living facility. With several attractions, low cost of living and low crime rate, a South Dakota assisted living center is a safe, fun, comfortable place for seniors to reside. SD has several attractions and natural beauty and we encourage seniors to participate in activities that will keep them physically and mentally active. Our assisted living facilities offer several fun activities inside and outside of our community. Seniors and their family should stay united. That is why several family events are scheduled all throughout the year. We believe assisted living facilities should provide comfort, safety, and socialization to give our seniors the best quality life possible.


There are more than 16 miles of biking and walking trails available to South Dakota assisted living residents, inspiring an active lifestyle. We have several picnic and viewing areas along our trails. We strive to make assisted living enjoyable with daily outings and activities. We take our residents to the mall, restaurants, or the stream to enjoy a day of trout fishing.

Some of our assisted living homes are nestled in the Black Hills, the country’s oldest mountain range. Seniors will gaze upon spectacular mountain views in an assisted living center in the Black Hills. The elderly can impress their family with a trip to Mount Rushmore, one of South Dakota’s most popular attractions.

South Dakota is a very safe place to live. South Dakota has the second lowest crime rate in the nation according to the FBI. Individuals that reside here participate in neighborhood watches to ensure South Dakota stays safe. People here have great respect for each other.

If you want to retire in a safe, fun, magnificent, area, call a South Dakota assisted living facility today. Our state has so much to offer its residents. Assisted living has never been more enjoyable for seniors and their families.