Trying to locate the perfect assisted living facility for you or someone in your family, can often lead to anxiety and worry. When the time comes to make the decision, you can experience a vast array of emotions. To help you through the process, make sure you are looking in communities that meet your needs and lifestyle.

Florence assisted living facilities are located in a quiet and safe region of South Carolina. The area experiences mild winters with most nights not falling below freezing. Summers are hot and humid, perfect for seniors who enjoy the warmth.

Healthcare is fantastic in the area, due to the McLeod Regional Medical Center. The hospital is home to the Cardiovascular Institute and the Cancer Center. There are two other medical facilities in the area, the Carolinas Hospital System and the Regency Hospital, both offering state of the art care.

Not only is healthcare great in Florence, assisted living also offers high quality care. Facilities are safe and friendly and customize services based on each individual’s needs.