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If you or one of your loved ones needs to find a Rhode Island Assisted Living Facility, let us help you find one that fulfills your unique needs in a caring community environment. Short-term and long-term care is available for those seeking an assisted living situation that is custom-tailored to your lifestyle. Assisted living homes offer all the amenities of a personal home, but with the added benefit of medical personnel available to assist with health concerns at any hour. When aging loved ones are home alone, we tend to wonder about what if something happens what if they fall or leave the oven on?

Why worry about safety and security when a loved one is left alone, when you can feel confident that the assisted living facilities’ professional staff will assist with any situation that arises? You or your loved one can enjoy meal service and well-planned social events and recreation while being freed from worry.


Living in an assisted living center in Rhode Island allows you access to a serene environment. Rhode Island has unspoiled natural attractions including miles of beautiful seaside beaches, striking green-topped cliffs, vibrant changing foliage, and a relatively temperate climate for the region. There is a distinct change of seasons and Rhode Island is lovely year-round. There are many recreational activities to enjoy such as boating and fishing, and there are cosmopolitan metro areas like Providence and Newport that rival big cities while offering a small, hometown feel.