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Finding a great place for active seniors to live has never been simpler with the many assisted living options that Pennsylvania offers. Living assisted facilities that have excellent amenities and the comfort of living at home, without having to bother about the details, are appearing in cities across the state. There is no other place comparable to Pennsylvania in the quality of assisted living centers and the both natural and manmade attractions.

Full of lush terrain and mountainous views, there is plenty of sightseeing and touring to do in Pennsylvania. During the spring and summer months, independent seniors in assisted living can choose to visit Dutch country, Hershey Park or Lancaster County, the last of which is home to the Amish community.

All of the attractions are only a few hours or less away from the capitol of Harrisburg and the city of Philadelphia farther east.

The local attractions available in Pennsylvania make the transition for seniors from independent to assisted living more comfortable. It is important for senior living to be all-inclusive with food, care and facilities services that are above par. A senior should enjoy his or her time in assisted living and not have to worry about anything.

Today, many assisted living facilities offer the safety and peace of mind that seniors and their families want. The housing communities host a variety of activities for seniors to participate in. Moreover, since many of these facilities are found in Pennsylvania, seniors get the bonus of being surrounded by beautiful countryside and a plethora of local activities.

There are festivals and parades in each of the major cities in Pennsylvania each year and you can explore the wonders of the Appalachian Mountains by visiting any number of resorts. History is a huge part of Pennsylvania and it is always a treat to visit the State Capitol in Harrisburg and the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in Philadelphia.