If you are searching for the best assisted living in Portland for a loved one, chances are you are feeling overwhelmed and confused. How do you pick the perfect facility for someone you love?

Find the right location for Portland assisted living

Before you can find the best facility, you need to find the proper location. Location is one of the most important factors for how successful your loved one’s transition into assisted living will be. Take into account their interests, personality, and closeness to you before you decide on the right location. If your loved one enjoys walking through a park or garden, you may want to find a facility near the International Rose Test Garden or Forest Park. If they like the Portland Opera or the Oregon Ballet Theatre, facilities near the downtown region may be more suitable. After you determine these factors, you can begin narrowing your search.

Begin interviewing assisted living facilities in Portland

After you narrow your search, begin visiting as many facilities in the perfect location, as possible. You can visit these facilities on your own or with your loved one. To make it less confusing for your family member, you may want to narrow your choice even more, prior to taking them along. Make sure to take a list of your loved one’s needs and questions. You should also have a list of non negotiable items that your loved one must have. While visiting facilities take notice of the local residents and their interaction with the staff. How are they treated? You may also want to talk with the residents and their family members to hear their opinion.

Pick a the final 3 Portland assisted living facilities

When you are able to narrow your list to a final three, plan several trips to each facility with your loved one. Plan to spend several hours at the facility, so you are able to get a true sense of the culture and atmosphere. Watch your loved one’s comfort level, interaction with staff, and willingness to talk to the residents. Some facilities encourage potential new residents to spend an afternoon or entire day with them, so they are sure to make the right decision.

Planning to move a loved one into assisted living in Portland is hard. However, with a plan in place, you can help your loved one and yourself transition through the process.