Ontario, Canada? No, Ontario, Oregon. This small community is located midway between Portland and Salt Lake City, along the Idaho border. The region is known for its potato growing, due to H.J. Heinz Company processing millions of pounds of potatoes from this area each year.

The area is also a great place for seniors to receive high quality assisted living. Ontario facilities offer exceptional care and services to seniors needing extra support. Highly trained staff are available to offer customized care to each resident and offer support to concerned family members.

Seniors in Ontario assisted living become part of a caring and loving community. Residents are encouraged to participate in local events and activities. Often seniors enjoy visiting the Four Rivers Cultural Center or shopping in Downtown Ontario.

When seniors living in assisted living in Ontario need extra medical attention, Holy Rosary Medical Center is only a short distance away. Facilities have a close working relationship with the medical center to ensure that each resident receives the care they deserve in assisted living and in the community.