Looking for an assisted living facility in Tulsa? Getting frustrated with the process?

Finding assisted living for a loved one is a stage in life that no one looks forward to. However, it is a stage that most will eventually face. So how do you make it easier on everyone involved?

Find the right location for your loved one’s Tulsa assisted living

Location, location, location! This is one of the most important aspects of a successful transition into assisted living. Make sure that the location you choose meets your loved one’s personality and lifestyle. If they enjoy walking through Woodward park or other outdoor areas, make sure an accessible park is nearby. If your loved one likes to have coffee at Woodland Hills Mall or any other mall, be sure to find out how close the nearest mall is from the facility.

Make sure the facility meets your loved one’s needs

Before you head out to all the assisted living facilities in Tulsa, make a list of your loved one’s needs. What facilities are in the perfect location and can meet those needs? Be sure to include needs such as convenience to family, daily activities, and personal care. If your loved one needs medical care, how far are local facilities like St. Francis Hospital or St. John Medical Center?

A personality match is a necessity

Finding a facility that matches your loved one’s personality is a must for a smooth transition to take place. Take the time to visit the facilities and get to know the staff. Interview other residents and their family members to get a true sense of the facility. If you haven’t taken your loved one to the facility, take them and allow them to spend time there. Watch the interactions between the staff and your family member.

Doing your homework and making a plan will help you find the best Tulsa assisted living facility for your loved one. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to, so you feel comfortable with your decision. Also, make sure to visit as often as you want, until you feel like you are making the right decision for all of you!