Are you seeking assisted living in the Lawton region? Are you worried about making the best choice?

When the time arrives that you need to find an assisted living facility for a loved one, you can feel a mixed bag of emotions. Typically they include feeling sad, overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, and anxious. To help you find the perfect facility for your loved one start with a plan.

Steps to finding the best Lawton assisted living facility:

  1. Develop a list. Before you do anything else, make a list of your loved one’s needs. Include care they may need, non negotiable items for making them comfortable, and conveniences such as distance from family.
  2. Plan your budget. After you make a list of what your loved one will need in Lawton assisted living, determine a budget that will fit within your family member’s means. When you have a budget in place, you will become more focused before having any visits.
  3. Weed through facility options. Make phone calls, research online, or talk to people who have personal experiences, but make sure to find out what assisted living facilities in Lawton fit your list and your budget.
  4. Visit facilities on your list. You may want to visit as many facilities as you can on your list by yourself or with other family members. Taking your loved one who is looking for a facility to many facilities may be overwhelming or cause anxiety.
  5. Narrow your list. After you visit the facilities on your list, narrow down the best facilities based on what you experienced. Be sure to keep in mind your loved one’s personality and how that will match a facility’s atmosphere. Narrow your list to three or four.
  6. Take your loved one on a visit. After you are happy with your list, take your loved one to each facility and observe what happens. Watch for signs that your loved one feels comfortable or how the staff and residents interact with them.
  7. Pick the best Lawton assisted living facility. Have a family meeting, and determine what the best option is for your family. Listen to what everyone has to say, so you are able to get a true picture.

No matter what kind of assisted living in Lawton you choose, make sure to remain active in your loved one’s life. You can take them out for a day on their favorite activities, like the Museum of the Great Plains, Lake Lawtonka, or a Cameron University sporting event.

Finding the best assisted living in Lawton for your family member starts with you and a plan. Take the time to make a plan, so you can be focused and comfortable with your choice.