Medina, Ohio, is located between Akron and Cleveland. This small community offers residents a safe and charming environment. Locals often visit with neighbors at the Medina Public Square where they can attend art shows, festivals and concerts.

Seniors looking for assisted living in Medina, find a community that cares for its neighbors. Residents can become active in local volunteer organizations or attend service at a church of their choice.

From the local farmer’s market to the Arts Week Festival or the Chalk Art Festival, there is always something happening in the community for Medina assisted living seniors. Residents maintain their independence, so they continue to participate in events they love. They become part of a community where everyone knows each other and stops for a chat on the street.

Not only is the community friendly, the care and support at the local facilities are exceptional. Moving into Medina assisted living may not be easy, but with the community and staff support, the transition will be worth it.