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Finding an Ohio assisted living facility has never been easier, and in a state that offers so many attractions to its residents. If you are a senior that needs help with daily chores or other activities, an OH assisted living center is the place to be. Ohio living facilities offer several benefits to its residents. Medical services are provided by a certified, medical staff, 24 hour emergency call system, daily meals, and personal housekeeping and laundry service. In addition we have several fun, interactive activities that keep our residents physically, mentally, and spiritually active. We also encourage family involvement and have various events during the year to keep residents and their family united.

At an Ohio assisted living facility you no longer need to worry about cooking, cleaning or other tedious chores.

You can invite guests over without the embarrassment of a dirty home. We provide regular meals and housekeeping. We also have dining areas and recreation rooms for entertaining guests. Our residents will dine three times a day on meals prepared by our staff.

The state of Ohio has many fun attractions and activities for seniors. Seniors will enjoy a trip to the zoo, lamb farm, or historical park. Ohio assisted living offers outings to places like Roscoe Village, a historic village along the Ohio and Erie Canal. Roscoe Village has special events, shopping, festivals, and other attractions throughout the year. The state of OH is home to many historic landmarks that residents will enjoy visiting with their family.

Assisted living homes now offer a great deal more than in previous years. We believe in not only providing our seniors with the necessities but also giving them the opportunity to enjoy life to its fullest. That is why we offer several activities and family events that ensure our seniors are active, and happy. You won’t find a better place to retire than at Ohio assisted living facilities.