Nashua is a safe and thriving city outside of Boston. The region is considered one of the “Best Places to Live” according to Money magazine. The area is also great for seniors looking to move into assisted living in Nashua.

Making the decision to move you or a loved one into assisted living in Nashua, is never easy. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

  • Before you do anything else, make sure the area fits your personality and lifestyle
  • Take the time to visit facilities often to make sure they are a good fit
  • Visit several assisted living facilities and compare each one
  • Make a list of your needs and take it with you on every visit
  • Talk with residents and their families to learn their perspective
  • Don’t rush into a decision if you don’t need to

If you decide that Nashua is the place for you or your loved one, there are plenty of facilities to choose from. Each facility offers exceptional care and many activities for your enjoyment. The area also has an abundance of activities for residents in assisted living.

Nashua is overflowing with entertainment and activities! Seniors enjoy exploring the beauty of the Merrimack River and Nashua River Dam, spending time at the Hunt Memorial Library, or shopping at the Pheasant Lane Mall. When residents are not out enjoying the community, they can participate in activities in the Nashua assisted living facilities.

Deciding on an assisted living facility in Nashua can feel overwhelming. Staff in each facility understands the affects the decision can have on a family. They are available to help you through the process and offer you any kind of support you or your family may need. Find the support you need, so you don’t need to go through it on your own!