If you are in the process of finding the best assisted living facility in Kansas City for a loved one, you may be feeling overwhelmed or wondering where to start. Finding a facility for a family member is one of the most important and difficult decisions in a lifetime. To help you remain focused, here are some tips:

  • Visit as many Kansas City assisted living facilities as possible
  • Prepare a list of needs and questions to take with you on a visit
  • Develop a priority list or a list of non negotiable items
  • Decide on a budget that works for your loved one
  • Take into account the personality of the facility, community and your loved one

The clearer you are throughout the process, the more prepared you will be on finding the right facility.

Kansas City assisted living facilities offer outstanding care to their residents. They understand that no two residents are the same and the importance of tailoring care based on each individual.

While your loved one is part of Kansas City assisted living, you can remain as involved as you want in their life. Keep in mind, the more involved you are, the happier your family member will be.

To enhance your relationship with your loved one you can head out on activities such as:

  • Enjoying a picnic lunch and walk in Swope Park
  • Watching a performance at Folly Theater
  • Exploring exhibits at the Irish Museum and Cultural Center
  • Cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs during an NFL game

Whatever you and your loved one enjoy doing together, make sure to continue those special days even while they are living in assisted living in Kansas City. Your loved one will feel special and you will be grateful!